The Practice has developed particular expertise in various specialised areas of building design including:-


The Practice has worked on numerous projects of this type ranging from the general needs of older people to those requiring nursing care. Projects have included improvements to existing Homes to the conversion and extension of existing buildings to create new Homes.


The practice specialises in the provision of facilities for the disabled. Projects range from basic improvements and extensions to individual dwellings and buildings such as social clubs and community centres/village halls to major adaptations and extensions to private houses to provide facilities such as hydrotherapy pools and living accommodation for full time carers. In all these cases the Practice works closely with individuals, their parents/carers and any specialist advisers to achieve bespoke solutions to suit specific requirements.


The Practice specialises in work to individual buildings listed as being of architectural and historical importance. Projects include internal alterations and extensions to such premises and the possible change of use of individual buildings to new uses. Such projects require design to both preserve historical features and provide new works compatible with the original building to the mutual satisfaction of the Client and the Local Planning Authority

Projects include also the sensitive development of infill sites within Conservation Areas including small residential developments in village locations.


The Practice is pleased to undertake feasibility studies ranging from the architectural enhancement of existing residential and commercial buildings to planning and design studies on the conversion of old buildings to new uses. Such projects have included the conversion of redundant agricultural buildings into a Management Training Centre and a Business Centre and the conversion of redundant factories to residential use. These studies normally include consultations with the Local Planning Authority on the viability of proposals prior to the submission of a Planning Application.